Aweber Vs Convertkit – Quick comparison to help you make a decision

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Aweber Vs Convertkit

Aweber Vs Convertkit

This article describes the pros and cons of Aweber and Convertkit. This will be a quick comparison and will be useful if you are planning to opt for one of these. Alright, lets do Aweber Vs Convertkit.


Convertkit Aweber
There is no need to create a new list for each subscribers list you want to hold. Instead of operating under the notion of separate lists of subscribers like AWeber, ConvertKit works based on tags. You have to create a brand new list for each product you hold which is extremely tedious
There are no duplicate(repetition) subscribers that gets you  double charged for You get double charged for unsubscribed users duplicate email subscribers that are on multiple lists in your account
There is no charge for unsubscribed users You get charged for unsubscribed users
Click on a link and they are automatically tagged It’s very difficult to move subscribers from one list to another. If somebody is on one list, say on one topic, and they become interested in something else and want to receive emails on that topic, you have to send them to another opt-in form where they have to sign up again manually. 
ConvertKit is subscriber-based rather than list based, it can easily find inactive subscribers and put them into a reactivate/delete sequence. AWeber does have a way to find and remove people who haven’t opened or clicked your emails, It just doesn’t work. when people are on more than one list
When a person unsubscribes from convertkit he is unsubscribed from everything ,since we have only one list because convertkit is subscriber centric When a person unsubscribes from Aweber he is removed only from that particular list since Aweber is list centric .He still remains in the other lists which he had subscribed


Convertkit Tags:

The tag is a bit of metadata added to a subscriber’s profile to track their activity or preferences Tags can be used to keep track of purchases, what a subscriber is interested in. A subscriber can have an unlimited number of tags.


Price Details

Product Convertkit Aweber
Trial Period 14 days free trial 30 days free trial
0 to 500 subscribers $29 per month $ 19 per month
1000 or < then 1000 $29 per month $29 per month
2500 or < then 2500 $49 per month $29 per month
5,000 or  < then 5000 $79 per month $49 per month
10000 + Starting at $119/month  Starting at $69/month


Convertkit seems to be more expensive but we should remember that in Aweber it double counts the subscribers and unsubscribes since it works based on lists. It charges for every subscriber on every list, so if you have multiple lists you are almost certainly paying for far more subscribers than we actually have.

Whereas,  ConvertKit charges only for current subscribers. They don’t charge for unsubscribes. Which means the price difference will be more or less the same for both.

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