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Learn Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka has become the leading distributed data streaming enterprise  big data technology. Kafka is used in production by over 33% of the Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, Walmart and LinkedIn. It plays a pivotal role of message broker in Big Data. “Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners” will help you to get started with Kafka that plays a major role in Big Data


What you’ll learn

  • Understand Apache Kafka Ecosystem, Architecture, Core Concepts and Operations
  • Master Concepts such as Topics, Partitions, Brokers, Producers, Consumers
  • Start a personal Kafka development environment
  • Learn major CLIs: kafka-topics, kafka-console-producer, kafka-console-consumer, kafka-consumer-groups, kafka-configs
  • Create your Producers and Consumers in Java to interact with Kafka
  • Program a Real World Twitter Producer & ElasticSearch Consumer
  • Extended APIs Overview (Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams), Case Studies and Big Data Architecture
  • Practice and Understand Log Compaction



  • A recent Windows / Mac / Linux machine with minimum 4GB of RAM, 5 GB of disk space
  • Some understanding of Java Programming
  • Good to have knowledge about Linux command line
  • Desire to learn something awesome and new!

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Offer Price:  $9.99
Original Price: $50
Title: Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners v2
Series: Video
Genre: Software Engineering / DataScience
Author: Stephane Maarek
Publisher: Udemy
Format: Video Tutorial


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