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Arduino Step by Step: Getting Started

Learn Arduino Step by Step. Any one can learn this with no prior experience with electronics or programming needed.

  • This course is for the new Arduino Maker.
  • Do you have a passion for learning?
  • Are you excited about becoming a Maker with the Arduino?
  • If you answered “yes!” to both, then you are ready to get started!


What Will I Learn?

  • Build simple circuits around the Arduino Uno, that implement simple functions.
  • Write simple Arduino sketches that can get sensor reading, make LEDs blink, write text on an LCD screen, read the position of a potentiometer, and much more.
  • Understand what is the Arduino.
  • Understand what is prototyping.
  • Understand analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Understand the ways by which the Arduino can communicate with other devices
  • Use the multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity
  • Use protoboards to make projects permanent
  • be productive with the Arduino IDE, write, compile and upload sketches, install libraries
  • Understand what is Arduino programming, it’s basic concepts, structures, and keywords
  • detect and measure visible light, color, and ultraviolet light
  • measure temperature, humidity and acceleration
  • measure the distance between the sensor and an object infront of it
  • detect a person entering a room
  • detect a noise
  • make noise and play music
  • display text on a liquid crystal display

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Course Detail

Offer Price:  $9.99
Original Price: $150
Title: Tech Explorations™ Arduino Step by Step: Getting Started
Series: Video
Genre: Hardware
Author: Dr. Peter Dalmaris
Publisher: Udemy
Format: Video Tutorial

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Any Udemy course for $9.99 REDEEM OFFER