How to use  is the one stop website where you  get the best coupons and deals across all the categories. The offer categories are very vast that you get everything in the same place which makes your life easier.

How to use?

You can follow the below steps to effectively make use of this site and get the best deals and coupons that you are looking for. offers two types of offer listings which includes coupons and deals


  • coupons – For offers which you need to use coupons, you will see “SHOW COUPON” button in the offer.
  • Click on the “SHOW COUPON” button to get the coupon code. This action will open the corresponding merchant page in another tab. You can paste the coupon code in the merchant page to redeem the offer.


  • deals – For offers which relates with deals, you do not need to use any coupon codes.
  • Just click on “REDEEM OFFER” button in the offer and this will open the merchant page in the new tab by automatically activating the deal.


Search Box

  • You can directly make use of the search box and type the relevant keyword for the item that you are looking for and hit Enter.
  • This will produce a list of offers with the relevant keyword that you have typed in the search box. To filter the list furthermore, you can make use of the “Filter By” tool and check the relevant options that you are looking for and then hit the “Filter” button.


By Stores

  • Search for coupons/deals based on Stores. You can hover over “STORES” option in the menu bar which in turn will list first 50 stores in alphabetical order.
  • You can select from that if  the store that you are looking for is present or you can click on the “STORES” option to display the full list of stores


By Categories

  • You can search for coupons/deals based on Categories.
  • Hover your mouse over “CATEGORIES” option in the menu bar and it’ll display 50 categories in alphabetical order
  • You can select from that if the category that you are looking for is listed or you can click on the “CATEGORIES” option to display the fill list of categories


Frequently used

  • We have grouped frequently used categories in the menu bar. Like APPARELS, RECHARGE, SERVER HOSTING, UDEMY OFFERS etc.
  • You can click on these options which will directly list the items relative to that category.


Still have questions?


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